Eco Friendly Card Company

Glebe Cottage was founded by art college student, Scott Morrish back in 1993 with the intention of supporting his passion for photography. Sue joined the business in 1996 and not "knowing nothing about running a card business whatsoever". With their mutual passion for the environment and wild places featured in Scott's photography it was personal conviction, rather than current trends, that led them down the environmental route for the business and it was about this time that Glebe Cottage's first environmental commitment was born, to only use recycled envelopes with their cards.

Rachel Toll  "Painting with watercolours is what I love. I am surrounded by inspiration living amidst the beautiful countryside of Mid Devon and seeing nature all around me. I strive to capture the essence of the subject I paint and the eyes of the animal hold a special place in the painting. Once I have the eyes I like to work loosely, leaving much to the viewers’ imagination. If people like what I have painted then that makes me very happy.

Billy Showell   Billy Showell is a renowned botanical painter, well respected for her modern compositions and fresh interpretation of botanical illustration. She has many awards to her name and has written several books on how to paint. Billy says, “My inspiration comes from the natural world and objects of desire, the beautiful curve of a stem or the twist of fabric in movement can set me thinking of new compositions: nature and design unite to inspire”

Beverley Madley "I have long had a passion for painting animal portraits. I work with acrylic on canvas seeking to capture their expressions and movement. Light unleashes subtle colours and an increased emphasis of the features brings the individual characters to life. Animals are such a wonderful subject... all that expression, glistening eyes, whiskers and fur. They delight the viewer and the artist, filling the canvas with their presence.”

Nikky Corker  My inspiration comes from life itself and the little things that make us happy. Memories of carefree childhood holidays and the quirky humour that can be found in almost any situation. My motto is crack a smile and pass it on', and I am thrilled to watch the response of people when they look at my paintings. What better motivation is there than that?



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